Equipment for Cracking and Shelling

  • Savage Crackers
    Savage crackers have revolutionized the pecan-shelling industry over the past few years. In North and South American, Australia and South Africa, these incredible machines are helping nut shellers, large and small, speed through tons of nuts and improve their bottom line.
    Savage Crackers
  • Cracker 238S
    If you’ve been using a traditional mechanical cracking machine, prepare to be amazed. The Savage 238S air-powered machine cracks pecans at the incredible rate of over 400 nuts per minute.
    Cracker 238S
  • Cracker 238S
    Savage machines crack nuts at blazing speeds, but that’s not the whole story. The precision air-powered system “snugs up” tight against almost any sized pecan, and that means more consistent cracking and a high percentage of complete nut-halves.
    cracker 238 detail
  • Cracker 244S
    The 244S Cracker is the Cadillac of pecan crackers. It'll turn out over 1200 cracked nuts per minute, and most of the meats will be complete halves.
    Cracker 244S
  • Savage Crackers lead the industry!
    Cracker comparison table
    Inside of Cracker 244S
  • Savage Cracker Video
    Click on the triangular play button to the right to watch a brief video about Savage Crackers. More Savage Equipment videos are available on our Youtube channel:

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  • Savage Shellers
    After pecans are cracked, they are normally elevated into a Savage Sheller. These expertly crafted machines thoroughly separate the shells from the nut-meats.
  • Precise Control
    Savage Shellers come in three sizes, and all of them allow very precise control that will provide consistent repeatable performance. Whatever the nut-meat size, these machines will throughly separate the shells.
    Rings inside of pecan sheller
  • High Volume Output
    Savage shellers are designed to accommodate every size of nut processing operation. Our largest machine, model 420S, can support three large 244S crackers and handle over 2100 pounds per hour.
    Sheller Model 420S
  • Product Speaks for Itself
    Savage Shellers deliver a final product of high quality. This image shows what the product looks like after the nut-meats and shells exit the machine. You can also attach an adjustable aspirator just after the sheller that will vacuum off almost all of the shells.
    shelled pecans after coming out of sheller
  • Other Silverline Equipment
    In addition to the Crackers, Shellers and Sorters described above, Savage Equipment manufactures an array of machines that will enable you to build a complete nut processing facility customizable to your unique situation and requirements. Click the right arrow to view these pieces. All the Savage Silverline machines are constructed of durable, food-friendlly stainless steel.
    Small Savage Pecan Shelling Plant
  • Elevator and Packaging Table
    At right you see a 704S Bucket Elevator, commonly used to move the product from the Cracker to the Sheller and from the Sheller to an Inspection Table or Packaging Station. The Packaging Table (522S) is used for weighing and boxing (or bagging) the product for the consumer or shipment elsewhere.
    Elevator with Packaging Table 522S
  • Inspection Table 520S
    The 520S Inspection Table enables a final visual inspection of the processed nut-meats so that any remaining poor quality nuts and any shell pieces can be removed by hand. The vibrating table keeps the product moving efficiently, allowing operators to remove unwanted pieces and drop them into the conveniently located chutes.
    Savage 520S Pecan Inspection Table
  • Meat Sizer 150S
    The Savage Meat Sizer is a great addition to any nut processing facility. The Sizer conveys shelled nutmeats across a series of four vibrating screens of increasing size. These screens can be customized to your needs if necessary. An optional large-capacity receiving hopper can be added to this machine.
    Pecan Meat Sizing Table 150S